In Bornem Candy Trade / Sweet Paradise was a major distributor of confectionery. The company was founded in 1995 by Theo Nauwelaerts. The Nauwelaerts family has a long tradition in confectionery. The father and grandfather of Theo Nauwelaerts made a wide range of confectionery including the famous “snow balls”.



6 months after the establishment of the company, Sweet Paradise had more than 1000 fixtures in the market placed in Belgium and Luxemburg.



Sweet Paradise was launched in the Netherlands with a local assortment and local top sellers such as licorice candies and cinnamon sticks.



Sweet Paradise penetrated the French market via the Auchan hypermarkets, Euro Palaces, Pierre & Vacances, Compagnie des Alpes and movie theaters such as Pathé.



In 2009 Sweet Paradise was acquired by the confectionery manufacturer 'Astra Sweets' led by Filip Vanherpe and based in Turnhout (Belgium).



Sweet Paradise is a leader in Pick & Mix candy in the West European market, with more than 2000 fixtures on the market.



A new management team led by Koen Vandenhende starts with a new strategic approach: developing the corporate identity, investments in new fixtures, the introducing of  the SAP software package and the focus on procedures in line with the HACCP guidelines. 



Today Sweet Paradise has more than 15 employees and has a turnover of more than 15 million.
Over the years, we still attach great importance to our 2 basic values:
- A pleasant working environment
- Honesty and sincerity