Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I offer Pick&Mix candy in my shop instead of candy bags?

Since the consumer likes to choose his own sweets in the mix. The consumer can also determine the desired amount. Any way, it's just "fun" to get your own sweets!


What do I do if I have a complaint?

Most issues are dealt with by your personal merchandiser. In the unlikely event the merchandiser cannot solve the issue, you can contact the central service number in Bornem at 00 32 3 899 15 02 or through e-mail us at


What products should I sell in my store?

Sweet Paradise is working with international top sellers and regional specialties.
We work together with you to ensure that you have the best assortment for your store and that the consumers are satisfied with the selection.


How to maintain the fixture?

We determine together the visit frequency  at which your personal merchandiser will desugar and degrease the bins.  Dirty or damaged bins are replaced immediately. Sweets that are next to the bins are returned. In addition, the bins are taken back at regular intervals by your merchandiser and cleaned in our washstand in Bornem.


How much should I invest?

There is NO investment in equipment.
Both the furniture, the bags, the scoops and tongs are supplied by Sweet Paradise.