How to make your own piñata?

A piñata is a colorful shape made out of paper-marché with sweets and small gifts on the inside. The piñata game is really fun to play on a birthday party for children. The birthday girl or boy can try to break the piñata or you can give each child 3 chances. The piñata needs a lot of time to dry so make sure you have enough time to make it in advance.

 What do you need?

- A big balloon
- Newspapers
- Wallpaper glue
- Scissors
- Old paint brush
- Thin cardboard
- Crayons or markers in different colors
- Crepe paper in different colors
- Rope
- Sweet Paradise sweets
- Confetti

 Making the piñata
Blow up the balloon and clos it. Take some newspapers and tear strips from 2 cm wide and 15 cm long. Take the old paint brush and rub the glue onto the strip. If the strip is covered with glue you can glue it onto the balloon. Keep doing this until the balloon is completely covered. Leave a space of 3 cm at the top so you can fill the piñata afterwards with sweets. Leave everything to dry and repeat this step 1 or 2 times to get a firm piñata.

If you want to add another shape to the piñata, you can do this with the cardboard. For a traditional donkey piñata you can add 4 legs and a head for example. You can also use cardboard party hats or any other shape. Simply glue the shape to the piñata and let it dry again.

 Filling the piñata
If everything is dry, you can pop the balloon with a needle. Now you can fill the piñata with sweets, confetti and small gifts. Make sure you put enough sweets in the piñata so it's firm and completely filled.

 Decorating the piñata
Now you can start decorating the piñata. Use the crepe paper in different colors to cover the piñata. After this you can paint it in different colours

 The piñata game
Make a small hole at the top of the piñata to fit the rope. Now hang the piñata in a tree or on the ceiling.
The birthday boy or girl now has to try to break the piñata and get the candy.
Blindfold the birthday boy or girl and give him of her a stick or a bat. Spin them around 2 or 3 times and let them try to hit the piñata. Be sure everybody is standing at a safe distance so they won't get hit.

Have fun and enjoy the candy!

Pinata 1



Pinata 2

Pinata 3



Pinata 4