How to make your own candy cake?

Would you like to make your own candy cake, but don't know how and where to start? We'll give you some nice tips. You will notice straight away that a candy cake is very easy to make and with a little bit of creativity you will have a great candy cake with all your favorite Sweet Paradise candy in no time.

What do you need?
- Basic shape made out of styrofoam, floral foam or a regular cake
- Tinfoil
- Cocktailpicks or toothpicks
- Different kinds of Sweet Paradise candies

For the basic shape you can use different materials (styrofoam, floral foam,...). You can buy these in different shapes and sizes in a hobby shop. You can also use a normal cake as a base if you want, but this is a little less firm than foam.
You can also put different shapes on top of each other to work with different floors. Simply glue the shapes together from big to small to build a tower.

Wrap your shape completely with tinfoil 

Now you can start decorating your shape with all sorts of candy. Stick the candy onto the shape with your toothpicks. Cut the toothpicks in half if necessary.
You can build your cake now layer by layer. Use different kinds of candies to get a colorful result.

 You can finish your candy cake with a lollypop, your favorite cartoon figure, a candle or the age of the birthday girl or boy if you want to give the candy cake as a birthday present.


Let your imagination run wild and craft away!
Lots of decoration and candy fun!

Snoeptaart 1



Candy cake 2

Candy cake 3



Candy cake 4